Marshland Fishing offers all-inclusive fly-in fishing trips to remote locations in northern Saskatchewan. Our outfitted fishing lodge is newly-designed and built, with lakefront views. Catch northern pike, lake trout, grayling, and walleye.

Marshland Fishing is located in southern Saskatchewan, Canada. Specializing in open water and ice fishing trips for walleye, northern pike, rainbow trout, and burbot on Lake Diefenbaker and the south Saskatchewan River.

Marshland Fishing provides a wide variety of fishing opportunities in Saskatchewan to fit every customer’s personality and fishing requests. Stemmed from the very successful Marshland Outfitters – Marshland Fishing has taken the same concept into the fishing world to provide the Marshland customer the entire experience with not only tremendous hunting but now fishing in both Central Saskatchewan and a once in a lifetime Fly-In Fishing experience in the heart of Northern Saskatchewan where the fish grow very big and angry!

With many years of experience, Ryan Marsh and his entire team have worked hard to provide and build a world-class operation always putting the customer first. Here at Marshland Fishing, we care about you and it is our goal to build long lasting relationships with every one of our customers.


The Northern Pike, part of the Esox family, is a freshwater fish that spans across the northern hemisphere. Pike grow big, mean and are one of our favorite fish to target in both open and hard water because of their vicious strikes and tough battles when you hook up!


The Walleye is native to most of Canada and to the Northern region of the United States. Walleye have been one of the most sought after species by anglers for many years.


The Lake Trout is part of the Char family and lives mainly in northern North America. If you want a battle of your life, hold on tight because these creatures are a ball of muscle and when you team that up with large fins, they can go 0-60 in no time!


The Arctic grayling (Thymallus arcticus) is a species of freshwater fish in the salmon family.  These very special fish are known for their large dorsal fin and are a fly-fisherman’s dream.


The Burbot, also known as Lota Lota or Eelpout, is a species closely related to the marine common ling and the cusk.  With an Eel shaped body, Eelpout have gained a great reputation by anglers and put up one heck of a fight through the ice!

Come experience a true Saskatchewan fishing adventure with your host, Ryan Marsh. Book your fishing trip of a lifetime today!


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